Ultimately, you’ll only be able to appreciate the true beauty of light after facing absolute darkness. When you lead a life fueled by passion it’s inevitable that there will be times that you’ll have to fight and suffer for what you love. What might seem broken, depressed and nihilistic always bears a spark of hope, as you are ultimately longing for salvation. It’s the splinter in your flesh that you will have to pull out with your bare hands, armed with nothing, but your very own will and persistence.

It is inevitable that there’ll be blood…


There’ll Be Blood are Marco Walzel (vocals and lyrics) and Erik Weingarten (music & soundscape), two gentlemen with a mutual love for the eternal duality
of light and darkness who started to invocate their demons in early 2013. Now it is finally time for their self-titled debut to surface in a luxurious hardcover book offering two 7inches as well as a download code. “There’ll Be Blood” was recorded and mixed by Aljoscha Sieg and Erik Weingarten at Pitchback Studios with the drums recorded by Philip Seidl at Suiseidl Studio and mastering taken care of by Christian Mevs at c60 Studio.